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Know everything about Business Immigration Process in Canada

For the first time in the history of Canada, the government is allowing people to immigrate to the country on the basis of their investments and business proposal. It is obviously to boost the Canadian economy. The immigrants can apply for permanent residency after sometime and with the gradual increase in their investments.

Things to consider while applying for business immigration –

  • Age
  • Investment
  • Net worth
  • Business experience
  • Education
  • Language
  • Adaptability

However, every province has some same and some different requirements amongst the above.

Important things to keep in mind –

  • Business immigration in Alberta is according to the IRCC.
  • Every province ask the candidate for a visit of five business days for exploratory purpose in last one year
  • For adapting to the province’s culture and other factors, they ask the candidates or the spouse of the prime candidate to work in the province. Even points are allotted on the basis of the same.
  • The candidate must have 3 years of work experience as an entrepreneur or owner of a business and 5 years of work experience as a senior manager.
  • Then he or she needs to have at least 33.3% shareholding in the business
  • The investments and net worth of the candidate must be verified thoroughly.

Visits related to business Research

  • A plan for the entire business needs to be submitted
  • The candidate needs to conduct extensive research. The research must be conducted in past one year before the submission of the EOI.