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Canada is famous to everybody for its multicultural population. It is the best choice for Indians to immigrate to the maple leaf country for the professional work environment and best standard of living. Canada’s top immigration authority, the IRCC has recently issued several declarations about immigration policy. If you want to migrate to Canada, you must have to submit your complete and perfect documents, if not you will be rejected by the Federal Government of Canada. In this article, we discuss briefly the complete required documents to immigrate to Canada. Skyscapeinternational helps you with proper documentation for migration. Many candidates waste their time and money on wrong documentation and also wait for approval of the application. To avoid these types of problems, we the skyscapeinternational help and guide you in the right way.

The application must be filed by the vital points-

 Education documents required for Canada Permanent Resident Visa

The Education Credential Assessment

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IELTS Exam documents required for Canada PR Visa

IELTS Scores

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JOB Offer documents required for Canada PR Visa

JOB Offer

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Provincial Nomination Program

Provincial Nomination Program

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Medical and Police Clearances documents required for Canada PR Visa

Medical and Police Clearances

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  • The Education Credential Assessment

It is the most important criteria of your application. At first, the immigration officers will match your educational qualifications with the Canadian Education system and also verify its importance. The World Education Services will investigate your all institutions or the university from which you have got your degrees, and then the authority will issue your ECA. They will charge small for their services the first time.

To get the ECA quickly, you must have to contact Skyscapeinternational Immigration Services. It has helped over 25,000 immigrants shift to Canada from India. We the Skyscapeinternational helps you a lot in this matter and the experts process your documentation including ECA.

  • IELTS Scores

Many Indians face problems in the IELTS exam. This exam is not so difficult but the candidates must know how to score well in the exam. This exam is the main screening process and it also tests your language skills. If you score well, then you can easily find a good job and smooth your way to migrate to Canada. After getting the IELTS score, you have to submit these to the IRCC to verify your Express Entry Profile. The submission must include all the relevant information and file in the proper format.

The experts of the skyscapeinternational , help you and guide you towards a successful submission of your documentation. The experts can tell you about the proper way of submission of your application and also guide you to get selected quickly and promptly by the IRCC to immigrate to Canada.

documents required for canada PR from India 2019

Canada Immigration Requirements 2019

  • Job Offer

If you have a new job offer, you need to update your Express Entry profile. The Canadian immigration authority will check your viability of employment under the Canadian workforce. After the clearance of the Canadian immigration authority, you get your final immigration and have to submit the printed copy of the job letter to the Canadian immigration authority. Otherwise, the Skyscapeinternational Immigration Services handle the case of document submission and you need not worry about verification. You will get the positive result very quickly and swiftly.

Skyscapeinternational Immigration has provided you a specialized documentation submission service over the last 14 years. It has been achieved its name in the Canadian immigration industry with the success of every client's exceptional immigration. Our headquarter is in Canada, so our job experts can easily arrange the job opportunity for you. They can easily guide you where to apply and with whom to contact to get a prosperous and valid job in the Canadian job market. So why are waiting? Let us help you as soon as possible.

job-offer required for Canada Immigration 2019

  • Provincial Nomination Program

It is the most important part of the immigration process. You ensure your immigration after getting the provincial nomination. PNP documents are the proof of your selection of immigration to a particular state. If you think you are an eligible candidate for immigration to Canada after getting the PNP, you are wrong; you must have to file your documents properly.

canada-pnp -visa-documents-required-2020

Skyscapeinternational Immigration Services, provide every immigration help. It guides you for proper documentation. The experts of the skyscapeinternational handle each case with great care that is why each case will get the green signal. The candidate can move easily within a short time and without any hazards. We, the skyscapeinternational guide you for the proper documentation and help you not to waste your valuable time and money. Just for one attempt, go to Canada contact with Skyscapeinternational.

  • Medical and Police Clearances

Before entering Canada, you must have to submit your medical and police clearance to the IRCC. Without these, you cannot get permission to enter Canada. After getting the green signal, you can actualize your PR visa at all.

medical documents required for Canada Permanent Residence Visa

Skyscapeinternational helps you a lot on this point. It will arrange the meeting with the designated doctor and also provide the relevant information to get final police clearance. It provides you all the post-immigration assistance as its headquarters being situated in Canada. So what do you think? Go and contact Skyscapeinternational , to fly on air and migrate to the maple leaf country.

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