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Canada is a country that is popular amongst Indians who want to settle abroad. This country has ample economic opportunities in terms of jobs, and business as well. So, let us see the social and economic advantages of becoming a permanent resident of Canada.

Canada immigration benefits 2019

Canada Immigration benefits 2019

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  • Booming Economy:
  • In Canada, all the economic sectors, industries are booming at a great pace. Manufacturing industries, IT, real estates are one of the top industries which are booming at a rapid pace as well. So, moving to Canada can help you secure your future from a careerpoint of view.

  • Free health care and education:
  • In Canada, if you become a permanent resident, then your healthcare and treatments are free. The Canadian government has made free healthcare facilities for all its citizens and permanent residents. For the kids of citizens and permanent residents, education is completely free as well. The country has some of the best colleges and universities in the world and getting the chance of learning in such institutes that too for free is incredible, isn’t it?

  • Homely Vibes:
  • When you move to Canada, you may not feel like you have left India at all. Canada has one of the highest numbers of Indians as their permanent residents. So, living there would be like living in India where you have your people around.

  • Enjoy all Civil Rights:
  • When you become a Permanent resident of Canada, you can enjoy all the civil rights in Canada. The government is sorted and welcoming to the immigrants, and there is hardly any racism or distinguishing factors.

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