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In Quebec, they choose the skilled workers for the province as per their own multiple immigration programs. The programs include –

  • Quebec Skilled Worker program which is for the skilled workers who want to apply for PR in the province and in the country. There is a minimum point’s requirement for qualifying for the same as per the QSWP point’s assessment grid.
  • Then there is Quebec Experience Program or PEQ which is for temporary foreign workers and also for the international graduates. These people have to have work experience in the province of Quebec to apply for the program.
  • Then comes the Quebec Investors program which is for them who are having 2 million CAD as their net asset and want to invest at least 1.2 million CAD in the province via a Quebec Financial intermediary.
  • Quebec Entrepreneur program is for the business people who are having profound experience in the businesses and want to run their own business or purchase an existing one.
  • Finally there is Quebec Self-employed Worker program as well for the self-employed people. They can immigrate to the province of Quebec and do their own job.

Movement to Quebec as a Skilled Immigrant

The Province of Quebec has a special agreement with the federal government that allows them to have their own rules and select the skilled immigrants who meet those minimum requirements.

Firstly, you need to apply to the provincial Quebec government for Quebec selection certificate. This would show that you have been accepted as an immigrant in the province by the government after proper evaluation of your eligibility criteria. Once you receive the same, you can apply for the PR visa with IRCC.

Process and score requirement for Quebec Skilled Worker Program

You need to apply for program and you need to score on the QSWP point’s assessment grid as high as possible to clear the minimum requirements –

Following tables will illustrate how points are awarded for Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ):

Factor Points Awarded
Education 26
Experience 8
Age 16
Language Proficiency 22
Connection to Quebec 8
Accompanying Spouse factor 17
Valid Job Offer 14
Children 8
Capacity for financial autonomy 1

What are the application fee and processing time for Quebec Immigration?

Following is the fees for Quebec Skilled Workers/ Professionals processing fees (Quebec PNP fees) –

Applicant Fees
Principal Applicant $773
Spouse or common-law partner $166
Each dependent child $166

Other than the above fees, you have to submit the Canada PR Visa fees.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP) processing time – 15 to 17 months (federal stage only).