Living and working in Canada for a lifetime is a dream for many. This covid-19 pandemic has done worse to the world but some good and one thing out of those few good things is that Canada is rolling out permanent residency to ninety thousand of its eligible temporary workers and the foreign students studying there.

Canada is highly affected by the pandemic and wants to recover and for the same it needs manpower. So, it is providing permanent status to its temporary workers who will be working in the essential services including hospital care, frontline essential services, and long-term home care as well. They are also taking the international graduates in huge numbers and providing the PR to revive the economy which is running in negatives after the pandemic.

If the international graduates and the essential temporary workers possess the skills required by the country, then they can earn PR in the country. The eligibility criteria for applying for PR under this path is –

·       One year of work experience in Canada in the healthcare profession or any of the other essential services.

·       The international students must have completed the post-secondary program from any of the Canadian colleges within the past four years, not before January 2017.

The Canadian government has segregated the application process under three streams –

·       For healthcare temporary workers – 20000 applications will be accepted.

·       For other essential services’ temporary worker – 30000 applications will be accepted.

·       Finally, for the international graduates – 40000 applications will be approved.

The application process will be open till November 5th of this year. However, if the positions are not filled by then, then the timeline will be extended.

There is another good news for the French-speaking and other Canadian language-speaking candidates. They also can apply under three different streams and this will benefit the whole nation to revive faster.

The new policies of immigration will bring fresh air in the country and the inflow of manpower can help the economy stand on its feet again sooner.