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After landing in Canada, skyscapeinternational provides pickup service to settlement service. To settle in a new destination, it is very difficult to feel relax until you get a job and living accommodation. With skyscapeinternational nobody feels alone in Canada. It provides all needful and excellent services.


Post Landing Services that skyscapeinternational offers:

  1. It provides Airport pickup facilities.
  2. Provide the essential documents which you need to submit at the Airport.
  3. It also guides you to reach your hotel or good cheap accommodation.
  4. It provides information about driving licenses.
  5. It shares the information about buying a car and also car insurance.
  6. It shares all the information about available transportation in Canada.
  7. It also guides you on using Google maps to reach your destination by train or bus.
  8. It gives you knowledge about presto cards.
  • Help and support with Canadian process
  1. It provides the information for saving tax when you are not employed.
  2. It helps you to get a health card.
  3. It also shares information's about the initial temporary application process.
  4. It helps you to get a photo ID / GI license
  5. It shares with you the information to apply for the 9 digit Social Insurance Number (SIN ) which is very essential to get a job in Canada for an overseas person.
  • Help and Support with Adapting overseas
  1. It helps you to manage good accommodation.
  2. Skyscapeinternational helps you to find home appliances at a cheap rate.
  3. It provides you the information about opening a bank account and support a credit card application.
  4. It also helps you to enroll in free language classes in English and French.
  5. It provides you the information about the places where the grocery items are available at a cheap rate.
  6. It offers SIM card support in Canada.
  • Help and support with job hunting
  1. It helps you to give all the necessary information about professional licensing and registration.
  2. It provides you the information about the prospective recruitments.
  3. It helps you to rewrite your resume in Canadian format.
  4. It shares all the information’s about different exams to be held for obtaining a professional license and registration.
  5. It also helps you to reach the targeted recruiters and firms.
  6. It will also help you to prepare for crucial interviews.